DVLA Swansea: 0870 218 3497

Dial the DVLA Swansea contact number to speak with a DVLA Swansea customer service agent who can help you to tax your vehicle, make a SORN, apply for a licence, assist with log books and plates, schedule a theory or driving test, and more. The DVLA Swansea phone number is open for incoming calls Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm, and Saturday from 8am to 2pm. 

DVLA Swansea Contact Number
0870 218 3497

The DVLA handles all matters related to legally operating a vehicle in the United Kingdom. This includes licensing, vehicle taxes, log books, the issuing of plates, and more. Call the DVLA Swansea telephone number shown here to schedule a theory test or a road test, or to make changes to an existing appointment. Should you have questions about how to tax your vehicle or need to make a SORN in order to avoid paying taxes, DVLA Swansea contact is recommended.