Enfield Council: 0870 218 1565

Dial the Enfield Council contact number if you wish to speak with someone in the Enfield Council customer service department. Support is available for many local matters, including those related to housing, social care, public health, community safety, tourism, benefits, fraud, employment, and more. Residents and non-residents can call the Enfield Council phone number Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm to speak with support personnel.

Enfield Council Contact Number
0870 218 1565

Dial the Enfield Council telephone number for support with payments such as council tax, business rates, housing rent, housing benefit overpayments, and penalties. Problem reports may also be submitted by through Enfield Council contact, including complaints related to noise, missed bin collection, parking, graffiti, and abandoned vehicles. Feel free to contact the council to submit request related to school admissions, rubbish collection, clinical waste collection, and more. For information regarding planning and building, dial the contact number listed here.