Freemans: 0870 218 3574

Call the Freemans contact number for information regarding how to set up an account. Customers should also contact Freemans customer service if they need help with an order that they have already placed. You may want to find out when your items will be delivered or the date that your next payment is due. The Freemans phone number is open for calls from 8am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

Freemans Contact Number
0870 218 3574

Freemans is a company that allows people to buy goods through their catalogue or online, and spread the cost of these goods by paying for them over a longer period. They sell a wide selection of products ranging from toys and clothing, to larger electrical appliances and furniture. Once your account has been opened then you will be given a credit limit. You will then be able to order goods up to the value of this limit, and pay for them on a monthly basis.