GDC: 0870 218 1483

Dental professionals should call the GDC contact number to becomes registered and must continue to meet the high expectations of the GDC throughout their professional career. Contact GDC customer service for information about events that are taking place in the dental industry, including details about tooth whitening, dental insurance, and many other industry related matters. The GDC phone number can be called 24-hours a day.

GDC Contact Number
0870 218 1483

GDC is an organization that offers regulation for dentists in the United Kingdom. Individuals should contact this company if they need information regarding members of the organization. Individuals should also contact this company if they need help with taking action against dentists who are participating in unethical activities. GDC closely regulates dental professions by setting high professional standards, offering quality assuring education, and offering official registration. The GDC will not hesitate to take swift action against those who work outside the law.