IPostParcels: 0870 218 3411

New customers should call the IPostParcels contact number if they need information regarding parcel delivery, prices, home parcel collection, Amazon services, parcel delivery, courier services and more. Existing customers should contact IPostParcels customer service if they need help with sending a parcel, finding a depot, making a payment online, international delivery rates, sending a parcel internationally, postage insurance and more. The IPostParcels phone number is available 7am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-12pm Saturday.

IPostParcels Contact Number
0870 218 3411

IPostParcels is a company in the United Kingdom that is part of the UK Mail Group that offers parcel, mail and logistics delivery solutions, individual parcel services, business parcel services, mail consulting and more. IPostParcels strives in making it simple for customers who need to send parcels or for those customers who prefer using the online marketplaces to sell their products like eBay sellers, Amazon sellers, or individual e-commerce businesses. For more information about shipping requirements and rates, call the IPostParcels telephone number.