Luma: 0870 218 3547

Call the Luma contact number to request information regarding email alerts, applying for a new card, terms and conditions, answers to questions and concerns and more. Luma customer service can help with credit statements, bill payments, updating contact information, filing a complaint, disputing a charge, making a balance transfer and more. For general enquiries, call the Luma phone number from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Luma Contact Number
0870 218 3547

Luma is a credit company that offers free online credit card account management, mobile app, application for the Luma credit card, APR, and more. Customers can submit an application for a new credit card and register a Luma credit cardholder today. This credit card is accepted at thousands of businesses around the UK. Credit limits are available for up to £1500. There are no annual fees and no hidden charges. The company ensures that your account remains safe and secure. For more information, dial the Luma telephone number.