Manpower: 1895 205200

New customers should call the Manpower contact number if they need information regarding work opportunities. Manpower customer service can assist employees with the entire hiring process from writing CVs, finding the right references, to guidance in the interview process. Hours may vary by location, but the general support hours when calling the Manpower phone number are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Manpower Contact Number
1895 205200

Manpower is a multinational agency that offers human resource consulting. The Manpower Group provides hundreds of companies with employee assessment and recruitment, support in new-hire training and development, career management, and outsourcing. Employees can even seek career advice through the company. Employers can be featured on the website, and they can also have access to recruit people through the company. New customers, employers, and employees alike, can register with the company and have access to an account online. Existing clients should dial the Manpower telephone number if they need help with their registered account.