Mobility: 0870 218 3612

People only have to dial the Mobility contact number to discuss their individual needs and the best products for allowing them to lead as normal a life as their health condition allows. The Mobility customer service team can provide information regarding products and pricing. To speak with an agent, call the Mobility phone number Monday – Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Mobility Contact Number
0870 218 3612

UK Mobility is a British firm that sells a wide range of mobility aids and products throughout the country. All of these products are designed to help get on with their lives by enabling to carry on, or indeed resume doing everyday things that disability or illness have affected. The firm sells the items that will allow people to have independent lives without disruption. Newcomers to this firm can buy items like a mobility scooter, or pay to have stair lifts or bath lifts fitted. These products and others make a real difference to peoples’ quality of life.