Tesco Loans: 0870 218 5087

By dialing the Tesco Loans contact number listed here, current and prospective borrowers can connect speak with a loan specialist. Tesco Loans customer service agents can provide information about loan options, interest rates, applications, loan payments, and more. The Tesco Loans phone number is live Monday to Friday from 8am-8pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm.

Tesco Loans Contact Number
0870 218 5087

Tesco Loans is a company that offers personal loans as part of Tesco Bank. New customers should call the Tesco Loans telephone number if they need information regarding the taking out of new personal loans. The company will go through how much can be borrowed and how much needs to be repaid. New customers can find out if there are incentives for taking out a loan such as lower interest rates or bonus Clubcard points. Existing customers should contact Tesco Loans customer services if they need help with the personal loans they are paying back.