XDP: 0870 218 1335

New clients can dial the XDP contact number if they need information regarding email or text alerts, home delivery, parcel information, payment acceptance and more. Existing clients should contact XDP customer service if they need help with tracking, filing complaints, offering a comment, making a payment, real-time trace, proof of delivery and more. At this time, specific business hours for support via the XPD phone number are 24-hours a day.

XDP Contact Number
0870 218 1335

XDP Express is a parcel carrier in the United Kingdom that offers parcel services, logistics services, parcel sorting, home drop services and more. XDP ensures all goods are delivered promptly, correctly, secured, and safely. A wide variety of furniture and fitness equipment is delivered to retailers by this company. Their tracking system is complete with a fully integrated IT system. XDP originated in 1995. This company is now the largest privately owned parcel carrier in the United Kingdom.